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Janet Zipper is a Recruiter, Life coach, Motivational speaker, TV Show Host “JZTVlive”, Radio Personality on and Author of “Embrace Your Power”. She is passionate about coaching, motivating and empowering people in all aspects of their life. She is not a financial advisor.

Being given the opportunity to coach others to get in touch with their best self is her passion and mission in life. She has over 20 years experience in IT, Recruiting, interviewing, coaching and motivating people.

In her Motivational Speaking, Janet frequently uses personal stories about her own setbacks to show how passion, dedication and persistence can help you overcome any professional or personal challenge. She believes that anyone can overcome their struggles and live to their full potential.

Janet's book is “Embrace Your Power” Inspirational and Motivational Quotes to Empower, Motivate and Inspire you! Available on Amazon and Kindle

She has a radio show with her Co-Host Renowned Hypnotherapist Gale Glassner "Embrace Your Power Show". They discuss topics like depression, self esteem, self love, self worth, motivation, empowerment, tools to help you change your life and many different topics to help you in many areas of your life. She has guests on her show to discuss these topics who have written books on the subject or who have a wealth of knowledge and have made changes in their life.

She has her own show “JZTVlive show” on Instagram JZTVlive and Facebook JZTVLive. The show has Red Carpet interviews as well as Inspirational, motivational and uplifting interviews with people from all walks of life including celebrities and public figures

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